Ron & Matt Dickinson’s Ride on the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail

ride_for_potentialFollow along with Ron Dickinson and his son Matt in this blog about their ride across the United States.  You can follow their stories and photos here about how the ride developed.

Ron is a CPA and Certified Financial Planner in Council Bluffs, Iowa.  He is the owner and CEO of Dickinson Investment Advisors.  The website for DIA is

Matt was a senior at Iowa State University majoring in engineering in 2014.

They completed the ride from May through August, 2014.

Ron and Matt rode the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail.  This trail was developed in 1976 to celebrate our country’s 200th birthday, or Bikecentennial.  Since then, thousands of cyclists have ridden this 4,200-mile route between Yorktown, Virginia and Astoria , Oregon.  The trail is especially known for its focus on America’s heartland, scenic diversity, and historical interest.

Ron serves on the Board of Directors of VODEC, which is a nonprofit corporation assisting individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Matt has a surgically repaired hip, leaving him with one leg shorter than the other and repositioned at an offset angle.  Eventually he will require a hip replacement.  Just a few years ago, it was surprising to discover that he was still able to ride a bike.  Matt has modified how he sits on the saddle to enable him to ride, but his leg does not reach to the bottom of his full pedaling stroke, thus limiting his power.  Unable to run or to participate in many other activities, he has found cycling to be his love and outlet.

Besides a great father-son adventure for this trip, completing this ride demonstrates how Matt is overcoming his disability and “riding to his full potential.”   Maximizing your potential – whatever that might be – is a family value of the Dickinsons.

The theme of “Ride For Full Potential” ties in nicely as well with the mission of VODEC, which is “to provide services to persons with disabilities in order that those persons may live, work and participate in the community in the least restrictive environment to achieve their full potential.”  The website address for VODEC is

FAQs About The Bike Trip

  From Ron’s conversations with friends and clients about the bike trip, here are some of the most common questions: Q:   Who will be following you in a car? A:  There will be no vehicle support. We are fully self-supported which means we carry everything we need – tent, sleeping bag, camping gear, clothes, tools, […]

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Bike Trip Preview

In this video, Ron Dickinson provides a demonstration of his touring bike, along with a preview of his ride across the United States on the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail.  (Click the arrow to play the video.)

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Alaska Whale Tour

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Long and Winding Roads

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The Great Klondike Adventure

“We had cold weather most every day – 45 degrees at night, then it would take until afternoon to get any heat up around 60 degrees. It has been overcast and rainy most of the time. Great views, hard ride with gear, camping, new friends – and another bucket list check off.”  

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Alaskan Bear

Ron finally found a grizzly bear on the road. A lady behind him from Canada alerted him to stop as she had bear spray. Later the same morning they saw two cubs and another grizzly.

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Canadian Bear

Ron said this is the only bear he has seen so far in Canada, but other riders have spotted a few bears. He noted that pictures will have to wait until he comes back from Alaska, because for the most part the internet and cell phones don’t work there.  

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Scenes Near Juneau, Alaska


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Welcome to Alaska

Ron arrived in Alaska yesterday and was out sightseeing today. He also had a big flat that blew out eight inches on his bicycle tube!

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